Wednesday, 30 August 2017

What being a Digital Forensic Expert is all about

As technology advances, those in the criminal justice and criminology fields have to learn to change with it. More people conduct business online, and more occupations require at least some use of a computer or cellular phone.

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To fight crimes involving computers and mobile phones, new career opportunities for digital forensic experts have started to become more popular.

What do digital forensic experts do? Well, as the name implies, they reconstruct and analyze digital information to aid in investigations and solve computer-related crimes. They can look into incidents of hacking, recover chat history and even recover lost or stolen data.

Some of the services of a digital forensic expert often include:

- Recovering data from damaged or erased hard drives

- Gathering and maintaining evidence

- Working with cellular devices, computers and other electronic equipment

-  Digital image enhancement

- Recovering SMS or chat history

Private companies and government organisations may employ digital forensic investigators full time, or they may contract for their services. Investigators will likely be involved in looking for violations of company policies regarding computer use as much as they will be involved in crime solving.

In addition to computer skills and related education and certifications, digital forensic investigators and digital forensic experts must also possess strong analytical and investigative skills. They need to be able to read and interpret data and to formulate conclusions, and they must be able to present their findings and conclusions in a format that can be easily understood.

A digital forensic expert’s job is both stimulating and rewarding. It allows you to put your unique skills and knowledge to work in a field that is truly helpful to others.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Forensic Division

Digital Forensics (cellular & computer based) requires much more than a well-developed software that can be purchased over the internet. It requires a thorough understanding of the investigative process, the law of evidence, excellent problem solving skills, a strong attention to detail as well as an appropriate background to criminal and civil investigations. 

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We combine the experience of seasoned investigators with both criminal and civil backgrounds with the latest technologies to achieve the results that you require. 

Cellular phones all carry data on them – often more than we realize. Cellular forensics is the science of retrieving what is seen as well as what has been erased. We are able to achieve full recovery of deleted text messages, WhatsApp conversations and images.

Computers hold a wealth of information unseen. To the untrained eye, data may well be gone, deleted forever. This is however most commonly not the case.

Using state-of-the-art software and hardware processes we are able to recover e-mails, conversation threads, photographs, files and related data to show traces of what has been done when and how on computers, laptops and tablets.

Our forensic services are designed around the needs of attorneys, investigators and forensics audits, but also cover a wider scope. Some of the digital forensic and cellular forensic services we provide, in Cape Town and nationally, are:

      -          Cellular Forensics (Full profile)
      -          Data Recovery
      -          SMS Recovery
      -          Recovery of Chat History
      -          Recovery of WhatsApp History
      -          Digital Suspect Profiling
      -          Digital Image Verification
      -          Image Enhancement
      -          CCTV Footage Enhancement
      -          Password Recovery
      -          Mail Recovery

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Should you require our assistance with forensic assessment of a cellular device, tablet, computer, laptop or server, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Our offices are based in Cape Town; however we have reach to the rest of the country as required.

Contact The TCG Forensic Division today to discuss your requirements - call 079 691 0138 or email

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Recovering your Data Quickly and Easily

People use their computers for almost everything; many of these things can be used against you. Hiding money, illegal activities, inappropriate emails and just about anything you can think of.

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Often, if you are trying to hide something, you’ll make an effort to completely clean out your computer by deleting “everything” and reformatting. The problem is, when you contact some IT support companies and you are told that all is lost, they probably have no idea what a digital forensic investigator can do!

The harsh truth is that the evidence is still there, waiting to be found, you just can’t see it. The only question is, do you want it recovered or not.

Many businesses that have a disgruntled employee, or feel that an employee is involved in unacceptable activities at work, may want to acquire some digital evidence, they can use a digital forensic investigator to recover all the evidence that they need.

At the TCG Forensic Division we can supply you with cellular, hard disk drive forensics and digital suspect profiling.

Need something recovered? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your requirements - call 079 691 0138 or email