Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Video Enhancement: What is and is not possible

Digital forensic and video enhancement specialists are asked on a regular basis to enhance images that have been recorded.

Image result

One of the goals of video enhancement, in some cases, is to be able to see persons faces better than they are when viewing the video under normal circumstances. Other times they are asked to enlarge and clarify a video in order to identify, for instance, the license plate on a car that is alleged to be involved in criminal activity.

With video enhancement, forensic experts can only do so much. In a lot of cases, the video that has been exported from the surveillance system is small and when enlarged, or zoomed in on the objects of interest they become very blurry and distorted.

BUT, we are proud to announce that our forensic experts at DLA will now be an Africa exclusive agent for Ikena Forensic Software! Not only does Ikena offer some of the best software programs available today, they also insist that full enhancement of your videos and images will always be possible!

Now you no longer have to stress about not having the highest possible quality surveillance system and video – Take a look below to see Ikena video enhancement in action...

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Digital Evidence – How It’s Done

Computer documents, emails, text and instant messages, transactions, images and Internet histories are examples of information that can be gathered from electronic devices and used very effectively as evidence. 

For example, mobile devices use online-based based backup systems, also known as the “cloud”, that provide forensic investigators with access to text / messaging app messages and pictures taken from a particular phone. These systems keep an average of 1,000–1,500 or more of the last text messages sent to and received from that phone.

In addition, many mobile devices store information about the locations where the device travelled and when it was there. To gain this knowledge, investigators can access an average of the last 200 cell locations accessed by a mobile device. Satellite navigation systems and satellite radios in cars can provide similar information. Even photos posted to social media such as Facebook or Instagram may contain location information. 

Photos taken with a Global Positioning System (GPS)-enabled device contain file data that shows when and exactly where a photo was taken. 

Investigators can collect a great deal of history related to a device and the person using it!

DLA is based in Cape Town and combines the experience of two seasoned investigators with both criminal and civil backgrounds with the latest technologies to achieve the results that you require.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Your deleted WhatsApp messages might not be as 'deleted' as you thought

Sometimes, the delete option is your best friend.

WhatsApp brought you the two-tick (so you can’t hide the fact that you’ve received a message) and then the blue ticks (so you can’t hide the fact that you’ve read a message).

In April - despite much controversy following the San Bernadino attack, in which the FBI had paid almost £1 million to unlock the iPhone used by one of the shooters - WhatsApp went ahead with end-to-end encryption.

This means that while you can’t hide your ghosting antics from the person in question, you can hide your messages from third parties.

But according to a new blog post, an iOS device might actually still store your "deleted" messages.

The data works similarly to your laptop’s hard drive: you might be able to delete the WhatsApp messages, but deleting it doesn't overwrite the data, which means it can still be retrieved.

When you backup your iPhone with iCloud the data gets copied to a less secure forum.

While the information can’t necessarily be accessed by a third party, it is still stored locally on your device which means that the only real way to get rid of it is by deleting the app.

Even then, the police can still potentially access it.

Law enforcement can potentially issue a warrant with Apple to obtain your deleted WhatsApp chat logs, which may include deleted messages.

Basically, the delete option may not be that great friend after all.

DLA is based in Cape Town and combines the experience of two seasoned investigators with both criminal and civil backgrounds with the latest technologies to achieve the results that you require.