Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How to Keep your Smartphone Secure

Your smartphone is no different to your property or house when it comes to safety – you have to use common sense!

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Here are eight easy tips on how to keep your smartphone safe and secure:

      1.       Use a password
Always set up a password, pin or pattern to be able to access your phone. For Android: go to Location & Security. For iOS: go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode.

      2.       Only download from trusted stores
Use places like Google Play and the App Store to download your games and apps. Also make sure to always read the ratings and reviews if they’re available.

      3.       Back up your data
Protect your information in case an attack happens by backing up your data. If your data ever gets lost, we can recover it. Contact the experts at DLA to get your data back!

      4.       Update your OS and apps
Most updates are just for new features, but sometimes they are also to up the security.

      5.       Log out!
If you do your banking or online shopping on your cellular device, always make sure to log out afterwards. Never keep your passwords and usernames on your phone and try to avoid using public Wi-Fi.

      6.       Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
You may think it’s just a way to connect to free Wi-Fi, but hackers can also use it to access your device and data.

      7.       Don’t give out personal info
That email you received that looks like it’s from your bank may be spam. If you get SMS’s or emails asking you to fill in your private info and login, always contact the business and confirm it is actually legit. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

6 Easy Steps to Keep your Data Safe

These simple steps can keep your data safe, whether it is on your work computer, personal laptop or smartphone. Malfunctions, cyber attacks and viruses can happen to anyone – if you’ve lost your precious data, we can recover it! Contact the experts at DLA today!

>> Use the right software to protect your data. Anti-malware is a must if you want to protect your computer!

>> Prevent viruses from attacking your PC and destroying your data by installing virus and spyware protection.

>> Stop viruses and malware from getting into your system by using a firewall to block dangerous programs.

>> Be wary when you receive emails from unknown sources. Never open an email attachment or clink on a link if you don’t know where the email came from.

>> Stay away from dodgy websites that might contain viruses.

>> Always keep your operating system up to date by installing any recent updates or fixes.

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