Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How does a Criminal hack your Cellphone?

A lot of people would be really surprised if they knew how easily hackers gain access to cellphones to steal personal and private data or information.

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These days cyber criminals have software and systems that can hack your mobile phone with just your number, where they listen to your private calls, read your messages and emails, access your online banking and anything else you store on your phone.

A hacked phone is a concern to most people, but it is even more of a concern to massive enterprises and businesses across the globe. Cellular phones are used daily by businesses and often sensitive information is shared over calls and through messages, meaning a hacked phone can lead to loss of financial data and important customer information!

What is even scarier is the fact that tutorials on how to hack cellphones can be found on the internet for just about anyone to access. This is why it is so vital for everyone to set up security to protect their mobile phone and communications.

Did you know that every year billions of phones are hacked because they are unprotected?

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Securing your phone and communications from hackers requires multiple steps including creating secure, unique passwords, avoiding public Wi-Fi connections, and diligence in checking links in emails and messages to ensure authenticity before clicking on them, and encrypting calls and messages.

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