Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What is SMS / Text Message Harassment?

Harassment via SMS messages can mean a number of things, such as flooding victims with massive amounts of messages, sending abusive messages and even sexually inappropriate messages in the workplace.

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There are steps you can take if you are dealing with this harassment; it usually starts with reporting it to the police. Later when evidence needs to be found, you will have to contact digital forensic experts to recover the harasser’s SMS messages for evidence. Consider contacting DLA Digital Forensics – with the latest SMS recovery tools and software, DLA can assist investigators and attorneys acquire evidence.

One way someone can harass a victim with text messages is to send hundreds of messages in one day, or even in a few hours. The messages harassers send can differ though, some are abusive after a dating failure others are violent messages sent from bullies. Some other tactics used include sending SMS messages in the middle of the night, or at times when the victims are busy and cannot be distracted.

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If you feel you are a victim of SMS / text message harassment, make sure to block the messages, report it immediately and seek help!