Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How a digital device becomes involved in a crime

Crimes committed using a digital device essentially employ a hi-tech method to carry out what is usually a traditional crime. Thus, crimes such as blackmail which traditionally evoke images of newspaper cuttings collaged together to create the archetypal ransom note nowadays employ computers to produce the ransom note, be it a printed document or an email.

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Examples of other traditional crimes where a digital device has been applied include instant messaging, which can used to commit harassment; email, which is applied to commit fraud though 'phishing' scams; mobile phones to record assaults in what has come to be known as 'happy slapping' and then there are the peer to peer file sharing programs which have been used extensively to download and distribute pictures portraying pedophilia.

The list, it seems, is endless and so is the workload on any hi-tech crime unit to deal with such cases.

Not all crimes committed using a digital device use it as a means to an end. Hacking a computer system without authority is a crime targeted at the computer system itself. So to is a denial of service (DOS) attack on a websites or the intentionally distribution of a virus.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Importance of a Strong Password

Too many people come to us in a frenzy complaining that either their data has been lost or stolen OR they simply cannot remember their password. When you don’t have a password you cant access or protect your files, on the other hand even if you do have a password you need to ensure it is 100% foolproof so you don’t end up being the victim!

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DLA offers password recovery services for businesses and personal computer users, using only the latest technologies to achieve the password recovery results you need. Our forensic recovery service includes recovering passwords from zipped files, word documents, excel files and of course logon profiles on computers.

We are able to access what cannot be seen using the latest forensic technology. Using state of the art cellular forensics tools we are also able to bypass 98% of device passwords to read the device directly without needing to know the handsets logon or password. 

We can also perform cellular forensics as well as data recovery from laptops, computers, cell phones and media devices such as tablets.

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