Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Data Loss and Recovery

Losing your data can happen in a number of ways. From accidentally deleting your files and your hard drive failing to hacking or even power failure! All these things can cause your data to be seemingly lost forever…

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However, it is possible for some data recovery specialists to retrieve your precious data even if it has almost completely been destroyed. Should there be data on your hard drive, flash drive or other storage device that you would like to salvage – contact the TCG Forensic Division to discuss your requirements.

The bad news is that sometimes it is not possible to recover the data you have lost; sometimes the system is too damaged to get any data back.

There are certain methods that are used to get your lost data back, however the methods used depend on the way your data was lost in the first place. Here are some of the most common forms of data recovery:

~ File deletion recovery

~ File corruption recovery

~ File system format or damage

~ Physical drive damage

~ Solid state drive data recovery

The one best method that should always be used to protect your data – Make lots of backups on a regular basis!