Wednesday, 22 November 2017

We can recover Computer Evidence quickly and easily!

People use their computers for almost everything; many of these things can be used against you. Hiding money, illegal activities, inappropriate emails and just about anything you can think of.

Often, if you are trying to hide something, you’ll make an effort to completely clean out your computer by deleting “everything” and reformatting. The problem is, when you contact IT support and you are told that all is lost, they probably have no idea what a digital forensic investigator can do!

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The harsh truth is that the evidence is still there, waiting to be found, you just can’t see it. The only question is, do you want it recovered or not.

Many businesses that have a disgruntled employee, or feel that an employee is involved in unacceptable activities at work, may want to acquire some digital evidence, they can use a digital forensic investigator to recover all the evidence that they need.

At the TCG Digital Forensics Division, we are pleased to provide all the evidence that you need off of a computer, cellular device, laptop or tablet. The obvious advantage that we have is that we recover digital evidence that few others could and keep all affairs private!

Need something recovered? Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 079 691 0138 or email

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What is Mobile Phone Analysis?

As mobile devices become more and more dominant in our lives, the opportunity to store and circulate information is more possible than ever.

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Mobile devices have many different features, like the ability to take photos and videos. When a multimedia file is taken, many devices automatically embed GPS location of the handset at that time. This then allows the location of the user at that exact moment to be established at a later date.

Multiple communication features, such as Bluetooth, WiFi 3G and 4G enable the transfer of information that can even cross international boundaries. Users can browse the internet, send and receive emails, post blogs and even removable media cards can be inserted into the device allowing information to be exchanged.

Depending on the client, the following information can be recovered from a mobile phone:
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Call history
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • WhatsApp history
  • Passwords

Mobile devices are similar to computers, but with far more powerful capabilities. The value of the evidence found on a smartphone or any other mobile device must never be overlooked! The TCG Forensic Division has the cellular and digital expertise to extract and uncover the evidence you need. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Spotting a Cybercriminal

When someone says “cybercriminal” the first image that pops into your mind is probably a teen / young adult male who is a wizard on the computer, but struggles to have a healthy social life.

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BUT, this is just a typical stereotype! Our digital forensic experts from TCG Digital Forensics have provided some facts and stats about the average cybercriminal and how to spot them…

       ·         Over half of the world’s internet users have been the victim of cybercrime at least once.
       ·         Every single day more than 105 million people are victims to cybercrime.

Who are these cybercriminals?

43% – 35+ years old
29% – Under 25 years old
11% – 50+ years old
8% – 14 to 18 years old


76% – MALE

Work in Groups:

25% of active cybercriminal groups have been operating for 6 months or less
50% cybercriminals have 6 or more members

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North & South America – 19% of global attack traffic
Europe – 28% of global attack traffic
APAC – More than 49% of global attack traffic
Indonesia – Highest in APAC with 14%

Organised Crime:

       ·         Cybercrime has morphed into fully-fledged businesses with executives, managers and workers
       ·         Underground chat rooms, market places, hired hackers, other illegal information, etc. – all these support the cybercrime businesses
       ·         Invitation-only, help wanted portals specifically for cyber criminals, most originating from Russia.

We can’t stop cyber criminals from attempting their crimes, but we can stop them from getting our identities and precious information online! If you have the feeling that you may be the victim of a cybercrime, do not hesitate to contact us at the TCG Forensic Division on 079 691 0138 or email

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Enhancing Videos for Forensic Purposes - How do we do it?

The objective of Forensic Video Enhancement is to clarify or enhance the events as they occurred. This is done using non destructive techniques to preserve the video evidence integrity, and pixel quality.
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At the TCG Forensic Division, the digital forensics experts are often asked to enhance CCTV Surveillance video recordings for court. Often times they are asked to provide video image enhancement as well for identification purposes.

A variety of video enhancement techniques can be applied in different arrangements on CCTV Surveillance video evidence. The most important ingredient to this forensic process is maintaining the highest quality of the video evidence. This provides the highest success possible throughout the investigation.

Did you know that the TCG Forensic Division will now be an Africa exclusive agent for Ikena Forensic Software? Not only does Ikena offer some of the best software programs available today, but full enhancement of your videos and images will always be possible!

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- Scaling/Pixel Interpolation: Re-size, or scale an image or video to a larger resolution to further identify suspects.

- Sharpening: Enhances the edge contrast of an image or video.

- Stabilization: This is most common today with smart phone video evidence. It reduces the amount of movement from the user that created the video evidence.

- Frame Averaging: Increase the quality of the image by combining data from surrounding frames as well as a better signal to noise ratio in your images or videos.

- Speed Reduction: Decrease the original playback of video evidence to view the events as they occurred in more detail.

If you have a video that you question or need help understanding, please give us a call on 087 001 0512 or email

Take a look at the Ikena software at work:

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

What being a Digital Forensic Expert is all about

As technology advances, those in the criminal justice and criminology fields have to learn to change with it. More people conduct business online, and more occupations require at least some use of a computer or cellular phone.

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To fight crimes involving computers and mobile phones, new career opportunities for digital forensic experts have started to become more popular.

What do digital forensic experts do? Well, as the name implies, they reconstruct and analyze digital information to aid in investigations and solve computer-related crimes. They can look into incidents of hacking, recover chat history and even recover lost or stolen data.

Some of the services of a digital forensic expert often include:

- Recovering data from damaged or erased hard drives

- Gathering and maintaining evidence

- Working with cellular devices, computers and other electronic equipment

-  Digital image enhancement

- Recovering SMS or chat history

Private companies and government organisations may employ digital forensic investigators full time, or they may contract for their services. Investigators will likely be involved in looking for violations of company policies regarding computer use as much as they will be involved in crime solving.

In addition to computer skills and related education and certifications, digital forensic investigators and digital forensic experts must also possess strong analytical and investigative skills. They need to be able to read and interpret data and to formulate conclusions, and they must be able to present their findings and conclusions in a format that can be easily understood.

A digital forensic expert’s job is both stimulating and rewarding. It allows you to put your unique skills and knowledge to work in a field that is truly helpful to others.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Forensic Division

Digital Forensics (cellular & computer based) requires much more than a well-developed software that can be purchased over the internet. It requires a thorough understanding of the investigative process, the law of evidence, excellent problem solving skills, a strong attention to detail as well as an appropriate background to criminal and civil investigations. 

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We combine the experience of seasoned investigators with both criminal and civil backgrounds with the latest technologies to achieve the results that you require. 

Cellular phones all carry data on them – often more than we realize. Cellular forensics is the science of retrieving what is seen as well as what has been erased. We are able to achieve full recovery of deleted text messages, WhatsApp conversations and images.

Computers hold a wealth of information unseen. To the untrained eye, data may well be gone, deleted forever. This is however most commonly not the case.

Using state-of-the-art software and hardware processes we are able to recover e-mails, conversation threads, photographs, files and related data to show traces of what has been done when and how on computers, laptops and tablets.

Our forensic services are designed around the needs of attorneys, investigators and forensics audits, but also cover a wider scope. Some of the digital forensic and cellular forensic services we provide, in Cape Town and nationally, are:

      -          Cellular Forensics (Full profile)
      -          Data Recovery
      -          SMS Recovery
      -          Recovery of Chat History
      -          Recovery of WhatsApp History
      -          Digital Suspect Profiling
      -          Digital Image Verification
      -          Image Enhancement
      -          CCTV Footage Enhancement
      -          Password Recovery
      -          Mail Recovery

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Should you require our assistance with forensic assessment of a cellular device, tablet, computer, laptop or server, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Our offices are based in Cape Town; however we have reach to the rest of the country as required.

Contact The TCG Forensic Division today to discuss your requirements - call 079 691 0138 or email

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Recovering your Data Quickly and Easily

People use their computers for almost everything; many of these things can be used against you. Hiding money, illegal activities, inappropriate emails and just about anything you can think of.

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Often, if you are trying to hide something, you’ll make an effort to completely clean out your computer by deleting “everything” and reformatting. The problem is, when you contact some IT support companies and you are told that all is lost, they probably have no idea what a digital forensic investigator can do!

The harsh truth is that the evidence is still there, waiting to be found, you just can’t see it. The only question is, do you want it recovered or not.

Many businesses that have a disgruntled employee, or feel that an employee is involved in unacceptable activities at work, may want to acquire some digital evidence, they can use a digital forensic investigator to recover all the evidence that they need.

At the TCG Forensic Division we can supply you with cellular, hard disk drive forensics and digital suspect profiling.

Need something recovered? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your requirements - call 079 691 0138 or email

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Data Loss and Recovery

Losing your data can happen in a number of ways. From accidentally deleting your files and your hard drive failing to hacking or even power failure! All these things can cause your data to be seemingly lost forever…

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However, it is possible for some data recovery specialists to retrieve your precious data even if it has almost completely been destroyed. Should there be data on your hard drive, flash drive or other storage device that you would like to salvage – contact the TCG Forensic Division to discuss your requirements.

The bad news is that sometimes it is not possible to recover the data you have lost; sometimes the system is too damaged to get any data back.

There are certain methods that are used to get your lost data back, however the methods used depend on the way your data was lost in the first place. Here are some of the most common forms of data recovery:

~ File deletion recovery

~ File corruption recovery

~ File system format or damage

~ Physical drive damage

~ Solid state drive data recovery

The one best method that should always be used to protect your data – Make lots of backups on a regular basis!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Where should you Install Security Cameras at your Business?

Your business is an important part of your life and in order for it to function properly you need to make sure the correct security measures are in place.

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It’s not possible for you to go around monitoring your entire company grounds, but it is possible to use the power of technology to do so.

Many businesses have taken to installing security cameras to keep an eye on what is going on when no one is watching. Here’s why it is vital to install security cameras:

     1.       Safety and security in the office

     2.       Preventing theft, crimes and violence

     3.       Ensuring employees are performing their jobs properly

     4.       Settling disputes

     5.       Keeping an eye on unknown visitors

The most popular reasons why companies turn to using security cameras is crime prevention and investigation. Why? Because cameras record and save everything that goes on, meaning as a business owner you can go back and view an incident and find out what really happened. This footage can be used as evidence to sort out legal issues.

However, to get the maximum results from your camera you need to install them in the appropriate locations…

      -          Entrances / Exits
      -          Reception Area
      -          Office Area
      -          Store Rooms
      -          Customer Interaction Points
      -          Warehouses
      -          Loading Docks
      -          Any Secluded Locations (alleys, parking lots, dumpsters)

To have complete peace of mind you need to know that your business is protected and secure. Don’t be a victim, keep yourself and your business safe by installing security cameras!

The TCG Digital Forensics Division offers a range of services around analysis and the enhancement of CCTV footage, providing you with the footage and evidence that you need.

Our experts use a wide variety of forensic imaging technology to help to improve the quality and clarity of any images, allowing you to pick out certain important things such as vehicle registration numbers and facial features.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why is Backing up so Important?

Your operating system can be reinstalled and so can all your programs and applications; however it can be almost impossible to recover all your original data if something were to happen.

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Because of the new ransomware taking over – WannaCry – it is now clearer than ever that backing up your important data and having a plan in place is an essential step every NEEDS to take.

Many things could lead to your data disappearing, but either way, a backup of your data should be done on a regular basis.

Here’s why…

One day your hard drive WILL crash. It is inevitable one day all your data will be lost and you need to be prepared for that day! It doesn’t have to be a nightmare when it happens. Why? Because you should have a backup on hand that’ll allow you to stay calm and carry on working.

Everyone has something to lose. It could be family photos, work documents or a collection of movies you’ve had for years. Either way, don’t be lazy and tell yourself you’ll back up tomorrow and push it aside or convince yourself you won’t miss the data you lose – every single one of us needs a backup!

Backing up is simple. Now that you have decided that backing up is important, you need to actually do it! Luckily at The Computer Guyz we are here to help. Contact us on 087 001 0511/2 or email Should you have data that has already been lost and you need it recovered, our TCG Forensic Division is here to assist you! Email!

Stop whatever you are doing right now and put it on your list of things to do! And most importantly tell everyone around you as well as your work colleagues and employees to do a backup too!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Russian Hacker Sentenced to 27 years Behind Bars!

Next time you think about learning how to hack illegally, think about this man! The 32 year old son of Russian parliament member, Valery Seleznev, was recently sentenced to spend 27 years behind bars for his cybercrimes.

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The hacker’s crimes were: stealing millions of payment card details from businesses by infecting malware into their point-of-sale systems.

27 years is a long time, in fact, it is the longest ever given out in the US for hacking or computer crimes!

The son of Seleznev, Roman Seleznev, was sentenced last Friday in Washington after being found guilty of a range of crimes including; wire fraud, intentional damage to a protected computer, obtaining information from a protected computer, possession of unauthorized access devices and aggravated identity theft.

In the dark world of cybercrime Roman Seleznev was known for trading stolen payment card data. He would use a few aliases – Track2, 2pac or nCuX – and he succeeded in selling millions of private credit card details to criminals all over the web.

Authorities in the US say that for about four years Seleznev infected malware into more than 500 businesses, where he would then capture all their card data and transfer it to servers under his control.
When he was arrested a few years ago, the laptop that he owned had more than 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers on it!

To try and get mercy Seleznev sent a letter to the judge earlier this month. He explained how his rough childhood including his life of poverty and his parents’ divorce had affected him deeply. His mother’s death when he was just 17 sent his world spiralling out of control; he had to drop out of college and try to pay the bills.

Image result for credit card hacking

During this tough time is when he discovered the trading of credit card data and that he could use his computer skills to hack into businesses.

After Seleznev’s strict sentencing, he made a statement of a different tone, claiming he was a political prisoner that was kidnapped by the US government.

A hacker can target anyone - even you! It can happen to anyone, so if you feel your computer or private data has been hacked do not hesitate to contact our TCG Forensic Division. Our digital forensic experts will assist you in any way you need! Call 087 001 0511/2 or email

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How Digital Forensics can Help Convict Criminals

When it comes to using computers for crime, it is impossible for the evidence to just disappear. Digital forensics has become a crucial tool that is used to find out a criminals motives, actions and location. 

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The TCG Forensic Division uses the latest forensic technology and the most qualified investigators to find the evidence that you need. If you are in need of forensic recovery services, feel free to contact the TCG Forensic Division on 082 886 8327 / 087 001 0511/2 or email

When Kari Baker, a 31 year old teacher, died of a sleeping pill overdose everyone thought she had taken her own life. Her body was found with a suicide letter and a bottle of sleeping pills close by, but her family had suspicions that it was her husband, Matt, that was responsible for her death.

Because of problems that occurred in the investigation of Kari’s death, Matt walked free. However new evidence emerged when Kari’s parents instigated a wrongful death lawsuit.

Apparently the story of Kari killing herself was completely wrong! It came to light that Matt had really killed his wife. He slipped her some sleeping pills, waited for her to fall asleep and then suffocated her with a pillow.

The real evidence though was the important data recovered from his laptop’s hard drive and the main computer server at the youth centre where he worked. Digital forensic specialists were able to pull up data and reveal that Matt had searched online for information about overdosing on sleeping pills and he even looked at pharmaceutical websites after she died.

A computer forensic expert who was involved in the case also discovered that Matt regularly looked at pornographic websites and sites where married people went to have affairs.

Matt Baker was sentenced to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife Kari.

Technology continues to play an important role in our everyday lives, because of this digital forensics has found a way for experts to convict criminals using digital evidence.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Taking a Look at the Future of Backing up Online

So, what is really happening online? Let’s take a look at some of the most recent statistics...

Currently there are 2.4 billion internet users in the entire world, 634 million websites and 90% of the data that has been produced globally has happened in the last two years.

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Did you know that last year, 45% of the people in the world used the internet, that’s about 3.4 billion internet users!

FAST FACT: More than 1 billion Smartphone’s are used across the globe.

In the year 2011, the average internet users generated 12 GB of traffic per month, however last year; the average user generated 32 GB of traffic per month. That’s more than double the amount of GB generated.

What is the state of cloud storage at the moment?

Well, in 2011, 7% of the consumer’s content was stored in the cloud, but in 2016 it grew exponentially to 36%. In 2012 the Cloud Storage Services were used by over 400 million users.

 Last year, the average storage per household grew seven times as much to 3.3 terabytes! That means that only about 64% of users will choose to use local storage instead of storing their data on the cloud.

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What are the risks of not backing up your data online?

- 48% of companies lose data in a year
- 46% of people lose data in a year
- At the moment 93% of people still only use local storage
- 35% of computer owners have never backed up their computer
- 10% of people back up their data every day

The future of backing up online is here. Don’t lose your important files – back up today! Did you know that the TCG Forensic Division is able to find and restore the data that you've lost? Contact us today on 087 001 0511/2 or email

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Could my Computer be affected by a DDoS Attack?

Don’t think that you won’t be affected by a DDoS attack, because any computer is vulnerable to attack no matter how hard you try to protect it.

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The malware could be installed on your PC without you even knowing, by clicking on an infected link or visiting a malicious website. Once your computer is contaminated your precious data is either lost, stolen or destroyed.

It is so important for you to make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date, as well as to ensure that your PC has the latest security patches installed and a reliable firewall in pace. If you do not have any kind of protection you will become a target for hackers.

The digital forensic experts at DLA encourage everyone to install an antivirus program that is trustworthy before it is too late, however if your data is lost do not hesitate to contact them!

Connected devices such as smart phones and other smart devices can also become victims of a DDoS attack. To protect these devices you need to always make sure you have downloaded the most recent security updates.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What is SMS / Text Message Harassment?

Harassment via SMS messages can mean a number of things, such as flooding victims with massive amounts of messages, sending abusive messages and even sexually inappropriate messages in the workplace.

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There are steps you can take if you are dealing with this harassment; it usually starts with reporting it to the police. Later when evidence needs to be found, you will have to contact digital forensic experts to recover the harasser’s SMS messages for evidence. Consider contacting DLA Digital Forensics – with the latest SMS recovery tools and software, DLA can assist investigators and attorneys acquire evidence.

One way someone can harass a victim with text messages is to send hundreds of messages in one day, or even in a few hours. The messages harassers send can differ though, some are abusive after a dating failure others are violent messages sent from bullies. Some other tactics used include sending SMS messages in the middle of the night, or at times when the victims are busy and cannot be distracted.

Image result for shocked looking at hpone

If you feel you are a victim of SMS / text message harassment, make sure to block the messages, report it immediately and seek help!