Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Where should you Install Security Cameras at your Business?

Your business is an important part of your life and in order for it to function properly you need to make sure the correct security measures are in place.

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It’s not possible for you to go around monitoring your entire company grounds, but it is possible to use the power of technology to do so.

Many businesses have taken to installing security cameras to keep an eye on what is going on when no one is watching. Here’s why it is vital to install security cameras:

     1.       Safety and security in the office

     2.       Preventing theft, crimes and violence

     3.       Ensuring employees are performing their jobs properly

     4.       Settling disputes

     5.       Keeping an eye on unknown visitors

The most popular reasons why companies turn to using security cameras is crime prevention and investigation. Why? Because cameras record and save everything that goes on, meaning as a business owner you can go back and view an incident and find out what really happened. This footage can be used as evidence to sort out legal issues.

However, to get the maximum results from your camera you need to install them in the appropriate locations…

      -          Entrances / Exits
      -          Reception Area
      -          Office Area
      -          Store Rooms
      -          Customer Interaction Points
      -          Warehouses
      -          Loading Docks
      -          Any Secluded Locations (alleys, parking lots, dumpsters)

To have complete peace of mind you need to know that your business is protected and secure. Don’t be a victim, keep yourself and your business safe by installing security cameras!

The TCG Digital Forensics Division offers a range of services around analysis and the enhancement of CCTV footage, providing you with the footage and evidence that you need.

Our experts use a wide variety of forensic imaging technology to help to improve the quality and clarity of any images, allowing you to pick out certain important things such as vehicle registration numbers and facial features.