Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Professional, Affordable Digital Forensics Services in South Africa

Digital Forensics is a lot more complex than using a range of well-developed forensic software that can be bought online to investigate something – it is a skilled understanding of all things digital (this includes cellular and computer based forensics), the investigative process, and criminal as well as civil investigations. 

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The TCG Digital Forensics division came to be in the year 2006 when it separated from The Computer Guyz and began offering Digital Forensic services including digital fraud investigations, service of summons, data recovery and CFE in South Africa.

With over 18 years of experience in trading in South Africa, we know exactly where we should be when it comes to our customers market needs as well as the Digital Forensics field. Our incident response team is trained with a broad background of skills ranging from IT intelligence and data investigation to network security and so much more.

At TCG Digital Forensics, we use the latest software and a system of techniques to collect, research, investigate, and uncover the digital evidence that you require. Our digital forensics services are designed around the requirements of a specific set of clients which includes investigative firms, attorneys, investigators, forensic auditors and blue chip customers, however we do cover a wider scope should you need our assistance.

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Do you have a particular set of requirements? Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our main digital forensic investigation offices are in Cape Town, but we do have offices in the Pretoria area and a presence in the coastal area of Durban.

We are proud to offer all our customers clean, professional and methodical digital forensic services supplied by our professional incident response team. Here are some of the Digital Forensic services, including cellular forensics services and computer forensics services that we provide in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and nationally…

Incident Response Team
Business Continuity Planning
Cyber Penetration Testing
Hacking Recovery
Cyber Investigations
Cellular Phone Analysis
Hard Disk Drive Analysis
Device Acquisition
Due Diligence Investigations
Image Enhancement
Certified Fraud Examiner Services
Service of Summons

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Learn more about our Digital Forensics services by visiting our website www.tcgforensics.co.za

Monday, 6 January 2020

What is in your event cybersecurity strategy

Open source intelligence is an area that is often overlooked and widely misunderstood. It is also known as OSINT as part of the overall event cybersecurity strategy.

 You need to target your own organization to find loop holes and see where or how you could be attacked. You are able to identify the information leaking out of your vendor’s connections to your data or through your own technology before they get to you 1st.

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Digitally, you can use OSINT tools to identify everything you can about the technology and people that work at your organization as well as use it to see if your sensitive data has leaked online. Trust me, if its digital it is worth taking as many assets are valuable. But here are the top 3.

Finding the schedules of notable people and their security details assignments

Being able to spoof or fake credentials online or in a person.

Stealing personally identifiable information. PII.

Cybercriminals are just like bank robbers in the old days the follow the money. That is why in this day and age, if you are running a large public event that draws thousands of people, whether it be at the state, national or local level, you need to be as vigilant about protecting data as any business. Otherwise, you will lose your customers.

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So, whose job is it to check if it’s safe? You are defiantly not going to like the answer. It’s your job to protect the traffic and its contents as confidential and sensitive. It is also your job to have a security plan that is both digital and physical. Fundamentally, you cannot assume that safety is someone else’s job. 

You can always check in with us on 0211100422 or www.tcgforensics.co.za 

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Cracking the case with digital forensics.

In the world of law enforcement, digital forensics is a game changer nearly as important as DNA testing.

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When two 13 year old girls went missing in September 2014, the first place detectives looked for clues was on their iPod, smartphones and other digital devices. The digital evidence led them to the girls and they were found in the basement of 23 year old Casey lee chin. He is now being charged with felony criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and solicitation of a child.

 Digital forensics – the examination of cell phones, tablets and personal electronics in criminal investigations – is dramatically changing the way cases are worked and solved. While technology has created new portals for predators searching for victims, it is also leaving tell-tale trails for police.

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Law enforcement say that digital forensics has become an investigation imperative. With majority of adult’s caring a cellophane the devices have become the one constant in many people’s lives. Your cell phone has become everything you need throughout the day – your alarm clock, phone line, email, social media terminal and so much more. Police use that almost constant phone activity to verify a suspects or witness statement and provide a log of a person movements and activities. Smartphones can even be an eyewitness by recording a crime in progress.

Electronic devices are just a treasure trove of information. The digital evidence is one of the first thing investigators look at because they leave footprints all over the place – who you were talking with, where you’re take you photos and even who you’re been tweeting.

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It’s true, technology leaves a tell-tale trail for law enforcement and digital forensic investigators.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Smartphone safety for children

Were more connected than we were a few years ago and were continuing to grow as time goes by.

These days, teenagers and even small children are getting caught up in all the new technology that is being introduced. The ability to communicate with friends with the push of a button is a sought after thing, and having a smartphone is a privilege that all teenagers assume they should have. However smartphones can bring a few danger with them.

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It’s about time you sit down with your children and have a chat with them about smartphone safety.

You will never be able to remove them completely from the world of technology, so make sure to sit down and have an educational conversation instead of arguing with them.

Who are they talking to would be a great question to ask yourself?

Are they chatting to their friends or someone they met online? Let them know that people are usually not who they seem to be online and they should apply “stranger danger” online as well as in the street.

What kind of content are they looking at? Are the apps, games, videos, etc. They’re looking at appropriate for their age? Remember to be aware of any cyber-bullying is taking place.

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Are they texting and driving? Texting and driving is beyond dangerous, especially for young teens who have just started driving and have little experience. There are apps you have use to control this, but there should be strict rules in place too.

Do you have any questions about smartphones safety or cellular forensics? At TCG Digital Forensics, we offer a range of services, from cyber forensics and mobile phone analysis to image enhancements and suspect profiling. Contact us on 0870010523 or contact@tcgforensics.co.za

Friday, 13 December 2019

7 steps to good digital parenting

Parenting today’s tech savvy kids can seem overwhelming, but you can do it! Take these seven simple, but still challenging steps, to becoming a good digital parent.

Yes when they are small we all have a hand on things. But as they get big it becomes more difficult to keep an eye out for things and so much can go wrong. Scams, hacking, kidnapping and so much 

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Talk with your kids

Educate yourself

Use parental controls

Set ground rules and enforce consequences

Friend and follow but don’t stalk

Explore, share, and celebrate

Be a good digital role model

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Talk early and often be open and direct and always stay calm. Always try and search online for anything that you do not understand and try out some apps, games and sites yourself. Discuss and sign a family safety agreement so that the bond is already there. Restrict where and when they may use the device and that way boundaries will be set. If a rule is broken remove the tech privileges and do try and stick to them.

Follow your kids on social media but also respect their online space and freedom, try not to flood their accounts with comments and likes. Go online with your kids and explore their digital world, share your own online experiences and learn from each other and have some fun!

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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Romance Scammers

What you need to know about Romance Scams. In this day and age lots of people are turning to online dating apps or social networking sites to meet someone. But instead of finding romance, many find a scammer trying to trick them into sending money.

The romance scams was 1 of the biggest reported losses over any other scams that was reported. Romance scammers create fake profiles on dates sites and apps, or they will target and contact through popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram extra.

Here are just some of the lies they would tell you.

I am working on an oil rig
I am in the military
I am a doctor with an international organization

Here are some ways they will ask you for money and target you to send it to them and will ask you to wire the money or send it in a gift card.

Pay for a plane ticket
Pay for surgery
Pay for a visa or other official travel document

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Scammers ask you to pay by wiring money, with reload card, or with gift cards because they can get cash quickly and remain anonymous. They also know the transactions are almost impossible to reverse. Avoid losing money to a romance scammer and here is how.

Stop communication immediately
Talk to someone you trust about what is going on and get some advice
Do a search for the person job, profile, family or friends and ask questions re that
Do a reverse image search of the person profile picture

If you have any feeling this is a scammer or an uncertain feeling report it. Do not get yourself caught up losing money and braking your heart!

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Monday, 2 December 2019

All about Holiday Scams

It’s the festive season and everyone wants to travel. Now let us help you avoid any scams that you might come across when traveling or on your holiday as we both know this will be the worst! No one wants to be worried over this great festive season.

New research into cybersecurity has said that the UK alone has lost about 7M to fake sites and fraud in 2018. We are going to show you the five most common scams

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Nowadays a fraudster will use increasingly sophisticated methods! They will target the most popular destination and time of the year to start with. They are well aware that we are all looking for great deals. As victims often find out just before they travel or even in-resort that they have3 been defrauded, it can then be difficult and expensive to obtain a legitimate replacement booking.

Some research we did and found out that 1 in 5 Brits in their lifetime are either been scammed or nearly scammed. As McAfee believes the actual figures are likely to be much higher as lots of people don’t actually report this issues small or big. As per below the big 5 scams that are common.

1. Fake Websites that look real
2. Being directed away from trusted sites for payment
3. Amazing Deals received via pop-up, emails and texts
4. Fake accommodation listings
5. Using unsecured networks

The above is just the simple one’s we can advise. Always just go with your gut feeling and if you do not know ask. Always report a scam or report it if you feel that it’s being suspicious activity.

Also always remember to connect with caution and avoid sharing sensitive data or bank account details. Consider using a VPN to help keep your connection secure. If you are going to rent do call the agent directly for information other than just sending an email or sms, always double check and do a little research and look at the comments and rates of the accommodation.

Try and book through a place that is well know or maybe a place that a family or friend has been to and recommended you to go. Another thing you can check is the payment page. Check for https:// rather than (http://) which should always appear on the payment page. Misspellings, additional words or characters, fuzzy or low-resolution pictures and logos are also be indicators of fraudulent website.

Otherwise you can always contact us!