Monday, 14 December 2015

Using cellular forensics for internet infidelity and divorce

In today’s world a cellular device has just about replaced the computer. Today, billions of mobile devices are in use worldwide. The growth for cell phones and the growing number of PC-like features being incorporated into their design are fueling the theory that the cellphone will soon become the new laptop.

In any internet infidelity or divorce case, it is very important to review the information contained on the guilty party’s mobile phone, as long as the consent to search is present. Often times when a computer is shared in the home, the cell phone becomes the mechanism of the affair.

Some of the data that can be recovered from a cellular device is:

- Call logs (date, time, phone number, duration of calls)

- SMSs

- WhatsApp messages

- Calendar entries

- Photos 

- Videos

- Emails

- Phone details

- SIM card data

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