Wednesday, 13 June 2018

4 Important Steps to take if you’ve been Hacked!

Have you ever been hacked? Whether you are an individual or a business owner, getting hacked is a terrible experience that can cost you time, money and possibly destroy your business.

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Hackers can get away with a lot of things, including stealing your sensitive data and your money. This data, whether it is your personal information and passwords or your customer’s private records can be used to target you in future attacks.

Here’s what you can do to recover from a hack…

Contact Customer Services. If the hack is on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. profile be sure to contact their customer services as soon as you possibly can. Social networking companies are getting more efficient at cracking down on stolen accounts, so they should be able to help you fairly quickly.

Scan your System. If you manage to get your account under control, always check your entire system as well for suspicious files or strange behaviour. Simply fixing your Facebook profile page doesn’t mean all your other data hasn’t been affected. Always go through your entire system, this includes your emails, online banking, apps, etc.

Do the Basics right. If you’ve been the victim of an attack, you need to make sure you do through all the basics and get them right.

-- Change your passwords on a regular basis and always use a different passwords
-- Use two-factor authentication
-- Install a trusted anti-virus software
-- Patch and update your software on a regular basis
-- Back up your data
-- Be wary of putting too much personal information on your social media accounts

Contact the Professionals. If all else fails and the hack is too much for you to recover from on your own – always contact the professionals before you do anything else that may damage your system even more. While most companies have in-house and contracted skills to manage and administer their network, it’s not uncommon that outside specialist skills are needed to recover from a serious breach. Contact the TCG Digital Forensics team for quick, reliable and affordable hacking recovery.

When you have been hacked you may feel that you have lost a lot more than just your data, you’ll feel embarrassed and the business you’ve put so much time and money into may be compromised. Get your dignity back by using these 4 important steps!