Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why is Backing up so Important?

Your operating system can be reinstalled and so can all your programs and applications; however it can be almost impossible to recover all your original data if something were to happen.

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Because of the new ransomware taking over – WannaCry – it is now clearer than ever that backing up your important data and having a plan in place is an essential step every NEEDS to take.

Many things could lead to your data disappearing, but either way, a backup of your data should be done on a regular basis.

Here’s why…

One day your hard drive WILL crash. It is inevitable one day all your data will be lost and you need to be prepared for that day! It doesn’t have to be a nightmare when it happens. Why? Because you should have a backup on hand that’ll allow you to stay calm and carry on working.

Everyone has something to lose. It could be family photos, work documents or a collection of movies you’ve had for years. Either way, don’t be lazy and tell yourself you’ll back up tomorrow and push it aside or convince yourself you won’t miss the data you lose – every single one of us needs a backup!

Backing up is simple. Now that you have decided that backing up is important, you need to actually do it! Luckily at The Computer Guyz we are here to help. Contact us on 087 001 0511/2 or email Should you have data that has already been lost and you need it recovered, our TCG Forensic Division is here to assist you! Email!

Stop whatever you are doing right now and put it on your list of things to do! And most importantly tell everyone around you as well as your work colleagues and employees to do a backup too!