Wednesday, 9 January 2019

How to protect yourself against SMS Phishing Attacks (SMiShing)

Everyday scammers are coming up with new ways to target people and trick them into parting with their money. Nothing digital is safe anymore – social media networks, emails and now even SMSs.

SMS phishing, otherwise known as SMiShing, are phishing scams that are sent out on SMSs!
Here are some helpful tips on how to spot a SMiShing scam SMS…

Always double check SMSs from your bank. If your bank does send you SMSs, then be sure to find out what number they use so if you receive an SMS you can compare it and find out if it’s legitimate. If you do now know the number, call your bank’s customer service number just to be sure.

Be wary of suspicious-looking numbers & links. Scammers are likely to mask their identities so they will use a variety and different phone numbers as well as unusual links in SMS scams – if you receive any SMSs from strange numbers that you do not recognise always double check with whoever sent it and NEVER link on a link you do not recognise.

Report threats. Should you ever receive regular SMS scams, any threatening or potentially dangerous SMSs always report it to the local authorities, cybercrime centre/website or get in touch with a professional digital or mobile forensics expert from in South Africa – call 021 110 0422 or email

Always stay vigilant and be aware of the common techniques that SMS scammers use when they’re SMiShing – this will go a long way when it comes to keeping yourself and your money safe!

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