Tuesday, 11 December 2018

3 Reasons why you should always update WhatsApp

In this digital age, time is important, so most people want to satisfy most of their needs in just one click… More and more messengers are becoming popular, but WhatsApp still remains especially popular, which is why hackers keep their sights on it.

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Here are some of the vulnerabilities in the WhatsApp application…

> Did you know that it is possible to gain access to an individual’s messages because of vulnerability in the WhatsApp protocol?

> Hackers can a gain access to a user’s cell phone by using a vulnerability that is triggered when a video call is answered.

> There is vulnerability with the two-factor authentication on WhatsApp. If a user switches off their phone at night, the password recovery system can be made to call and name the code, this code can be accessed using voicemail since most passwords are still weak.

To avoid becoming the next victim, always keep your WhatsApp updated! Has your phone been hacked? Please contact us immediately at TCG Digital Forensics in Cape Town and Centurion – give us a call on 021 110 0422 or email contact@tcgforensics.co.za

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