Friday, 7 December 2018

What is Service of Summons

What exactly is the meaning when we hear “Service of Summons”?

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The service of summons needs to be composed of a number of important documents and information. If you take a look at Rules 5 and 7 of the Magistrates’ Courts Act, as well as Rule 17 in the Uniform Rules of Court you will get a detailed description of what a service of summons contains. Here are some of the most important items a service of summons needs to consist of…

- A clear form of consent to the particular judgement
- Citations of both parties involved
- The particulars of the claim
- The address of the party involved that will receive the service of summons during the legal process

The service of summons is then passed on to a legal attorney or lawyer and signed, however the party involved can sign off if they chose not to be assisted by an attorney.

The next step is for the service of summons to be drafted, once this is done it is checked thoroughly by an officer of the court who stamps the summons document and assigns it with a unique case number.

When the summons is issued by the officer of the court, it can be served.

As a value added service to our clients abroad, at TCG Digital Forensics are offering a service of summons processing/service in South Africa.

We are able to affect the service of legal processing/summons in the following areas in South Africa:

·         > Cape Town
·         > Durban
·         > Johannesburg

Please note that we may be available to offer our services to clients in other, additional areas on request. Service is executed by experienced process servers with supporting statements issued and commissioned to that effect. Generally we offer summons processing/services around the needs of attorneys, investigators and forensics audits, but we also cover a wider scope.

For additional information or discussions around the serving of legal process/summons in South Africa as well as additional areas, please do not hesitate to make contact with us directly on 021 110 0422 | 087 001 0523 or email

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