Friday, 7 December 2018

Cellular Forensics and Radar Analysis help find Plane Crash Site in Record Time!

Did you know that involving experts in the cell phone and radar analysis fields can not only save time in finding a crash site, but also save lives! By using cellular forensics and radar analysis, the search area is made smaller and urgent matters, such as saving the lives of those who were involved in the crash, can be resolved.

On the 19th of November 2019 in North Dakota, a Medevac plane was reported missing. By using the power of cellular forensics as well as radar analysis, the Civil Air Patrol’s National Radar Analysis Team and the National Cell Phone Forensics played a massive part in saving the day. These two teams were able to aid the rescue team in finding the terrible plane crash site.

So how did the two teams manage to identify the precise spot where the plane went down? Well, using cellular data forensics and partnering with the power or radar data forensics, they prepared a detailed map showing where the plane crash was located. After they supplied the map to the CAP’s North Dakota Wing, state and local authorities, they were able to then discover the passengers who were all fatally injured.

Details from the cellular forensics data and the radar analysis show that the plane may have been destroyed while it was still in the air; however nothing has been confirmed yet.

The cellular devices of the three deceased plane passengers were used by the cellular forensics experts to detect, to the meter, exactly where the plane had gone down.

Although the outcome of the search was not what the cellular forensics team, the radar analysis team and the authorities had hope for, it is amazing to see that when these two teams joined together they were able to give detailed information on exactly where the plane crash site was – all in record time!

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